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Brez Coffee Co

Stamina Boost

Stamina Boost

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Add a little boost to your step with this higher caffeine roast, has a rich full body blend with caramelly chocolate and smoky overtones, a smooth finish.

Made with a mix of Arabica/Robusta blend which offers that higher caffeine levels while still tasting VERY VERY good

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Customer Reviews

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DrumsArtSoul aka Alex
A strong coffee worthy of being bought on a regular basis.

First time buying coffee from Brez. It's a strong coffee with a moderately earthy taste to it. Good black coffee taste. The mix of coffee types is a nice touch. It gives it a flavor texture different than other coffees of singular variety. Will be buying again.

Dave Pechey
Great roast!

I have to agree with King Kong Rong's review!

Definitely more medium than dark.

Absolutely will be ordering again.

King Kong Rong
Could be darker, but overall good coffee

Stamina Boost met most of our expectations, so here's how we broke it down:

Roast: labeled as a medium/dark, it definitely leaned more to the medium than dark. Personally would have preferred a darker roast.
Fragrance: Pleasant throughout the experience - when first opening the bag of beans and the first ground, the caramel and chocolate notes are prevalent.
Aroma: The brew hits the caramel notes right off the bat. Chocolate drops off a bit, but that's fine.
Body: Labeled as a full-bodied roast, definitely delivers a good mouthfeel.
Acidity: Flat on the palette. For a heavy bodied medium-dark brew, that's expected and appreciated.
Flavor: Overall good flavor. A little one-note with caramel flavor outshining everything else, but it's one note is outstanding.
Aftertaste: Definitely a smooth finish, albeit nondescript. A little surprising given the heavy body.

Definitely more a medium than a dark roast - a darker roast would probably have added the smokiness and more chocolate notes, but would blunt some of the caramel sweetness. Worth the sacrifice in order to balance and deepen the flavor, in my opinion.

However, would order again! Thanks Brez!