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Hangry roast is made with a Medium roast Colombian coffee which already has a very smooth and a bit of a chocolatey nutty factor so adding that extra chocolate and peanut flavor to your coffee will make it that much better.

A coffee made with fair trade Colombian Coffee beans and infused with natural snickers flavor oils



To understand our cold brew please read here


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Customer Reviews

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Mike W.
Rich in flavor

Love it. Great flavor. A perfect balance of natural coffee and chocolate/nut flavor

Shawn Meyer
Subtle and Delicious!

Most flavored coffees, especially ones with a nut flavor, can be really strong and overpower the taste of the coffee itself and overwhelm your nose. Not so with this one! It's well-balanced. Still obviously a smooth mild roast, but the nutty and chocolate notes are amped up. Zero bitterness, too. It's not like you're literally drinking a candy bar. It's more subtle than that. If you don't normally get flavored coffee, I think you might still be into this. It's balanced in a way that I personally really like.