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Brez Coffee Co

Black Knight Mocha

Black Knight Mocha

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Black Knight Mocha roast is made with a Medium roast Colombian coffee which already has a very smooth and a bit of a chocolatey nutty factor so adding that extra mocha flavor to your coffee will make it that much better.

A coffee made with fair trade Colombian Coffee beans and infused with natural mocha flavor oils



To understand our cold brew please read here

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Regina Oliver
Delicious and perfect for iced coffee 😋

Love love love this coffee <3 It is my absolute favorite for iced coffee!

If you want coffee, none should pass!

Black Knight proved to be quite tasty, with soft mocha notes adding well to the flavor of a well-roasted coffee. Great in the morning, with chocolate desserts, and after a day of battles to relax and enjoy.
Now go away, or I shall review you a second time!