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Content Creator Specialty flavor sample 6 oz bags

Content Creator Specialty flavor sample 6 oz bags

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We are going to offer you the Content Creator sample bags, half the coffee at half the price.  

Every flavor will be offered to you that we have currently on the site so:
Beauregarde - Blueberries and Cream
Black Knight Mocha - Mocha
Cozy Evening - Peppermint Mocha
Crack Candy - Butter Scotch, Chocolate and Nut
Cupids Arrow- Strawberry
Don't Burn the Banana - Banana Foster
Dragon's Breath - Cinnamon Dolce
Fall Spice - Pumpkin Spice
Hangry - Snickers
Happy Birthday - Birthday Cake
I Cast Fireball - Whiskey and Cinnamon
Luck of the Irish - Bailey's Irish Cream
Minty Explosion - Chocolate Mint
Nuclear Jelly - Jelly Doughnut
Out of this World - Dark Chocolate and Caramel
Secret Solution - Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate
Sweet Tooth - Carmel Apple
The Muffin Man - Gingerbread
Two Hearties, One Ship - Rum and Chocolate
WallaWallaBingBang - Coconut and Carmel
Where's the Baby? - King Cake

**Please use this only to sample the products.  We have the right to refund orders if you are abusing what we are doing**

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Customer Reviews

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Jacob Craig
Great coffee, better customer service

I ordered the Snickerdoodle and I Cast Fireball sample packs, and let me tell you, this is hands down the best coffee I've ever tasted. The flavor you order is the flavor you're going to taste in your cup, the likeness to an actual Snickerdoodle cookie is uncanny. Not to mention the customer service is S tier, Brez actually values their customers and hopes you have a good experience with their brand.

Get Yourself Some Sample Packs

I have tried every flavor and have not run into one that I did not like. I recommend the Blueberries and Cream if that is your thing.